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Nature Strikes Back 
Welcome to Nature Strikes Back.
I have a diverse and itinerant career with extended periods living and working internationally. As well as being an artist my life experience includes editor, researcher, cultural policy consultant, political analyst, project manager, art reviewer, website builder, community arts organiser, administrator, teacher, nightclub hostess and dog walker. I am currently working on a local  community art project and doing research on a new co-operative which seeks to provide creative and alternative ways to support emotional and mental health. 
My artistic practice is loosely concerned with change over time and our relationship with the natural  world.  It is experimental, using whatever materials are available or appropriate to process and respond to experiences in the present. There is an underlying environmental thread to the work, which began on objects, board and paper found in the street in the mid-90s. At that time I used often toxic combinations of materials to depict natural scenes  As digital spectrums developed, industrial printer inks became a primary medium making the work more vivid and the landscapes more 'artificial'. I photographed and digitally edited many of these works creating a series of prints in which many of the original landscapes became unrecognisable. From the mid-2000s, I worked with site-specific and themed installation works both internationally and in the UK. Much of the above is archived on this website. 
In 2015, I began working with plain acrylic and raw, natural materials. The subtle colours and textures in these paintings, and their sense of stillness and order, is a stark contrast to the constant movement and intense colour saturation of our contemporary visual environments. I am still working on this series of paintings and am curating an open web project called ' Elegy ' that encourages people to explore feelings and experiences related to death and dying.  I am also creating a small sculpture and art garden in the Sussex village of Crowhurst. 

Valerie Grove
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