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Nature Strikes Back 
Welcome to Nature Strikes Back.

Nature Strikes Back began in the late 90s when I started painting on board and other objects found in the street.  The project responded to a growing awareness of environmental damage and used often toxic combinations of materials to depict natural scenes. This early work experimented with traditional fine art materials in conjunction with less orthodox substances such as spray paint, wax, tape, varnish and bleach. It also included several collage and object works with political themes.

As  digital spectrums and processes emerged, I incorporated industrial printer inks as a primary medium and the work became more abstracted and the landscapes more 'artificial'. I also photographed many of the paintings and used them as a foundation for a print series that played with the different characteristics of painted and digital composition and spectrum.  

From 2007-13, I reviewed exhibitions, blogged about art and created a number of themed installation works. Examples of all of the above can be seen on the Archive page where there is also a link to the blog.

My interest in fusing often unlikely substances developed into an experimental way of working that has continued to the present. The most recent series of paintings uses a mix of paint and raw natural materials.

I have no formal fine art training. I research and develop my work in accordance with my own interests and need to stay sane. Like most artists I do not make a living from my art. I have an internationally itinerant career that includes being an artist, editor, writer, researcher,  reviewer, cultural policy consultant, website builder, community arts organiser, academic tutor, project manager, fundraiser, analyst, administrator, teacher, market stall holder, hostess club worker, barmaid, supermarket checkout girl and dog walker. Having such a diverse, creative and multi-skilled history means that I am now completely unemployable. So if you see an image on this site that you like, or have a collaborative project idea, I am always, ALWAYS open to offers.

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